Showroom HE3DA West Czech Republic 

in Karlovy Vary with solar PV and HE3DA 15kWh battery, all in operation (test) from 13.7.2021. 

36 kWp elektrárna napojená na HE3DA úložiště k prohlednutí.

demonstration of operation, how much it produces, practical experience

charging cars, etc.  Open Mon-Fri by appointment soukalova(@)

See below for a description of the unconventional wiring..


DESCRIPTION of a non-traditional solar power plant in MAISTER K.Vary  

The PV system consists of 30kWp solar panels, 3 Victron single phase inverters (blue), 2 Kostal 3-phase inverters (green-grey) and a HE3DA 15kWh battery storage. The whole system supplies 70% of the solar energy to MAISTER's business infrastructure (computers, servers, printers, lighting, etc.) mainly during the day and at night (servers). 

The special feature of this circuit is the automatic island mode, where in case of failure of the external grid, the whole system switches to the island power plant mode and the company is still supplied with energy from the sun (day) or from batteries (night).  In this way, the company can operate almost continuously in a limited mode. When the external grid is restored, the whole system switches back to normal mode. This happens without any downtime of computers , servers etc.

The batteries are located in the heart of the company and are not under constant surveillance, which is why their absolute fire and explosion-proofness is important to Maister.

Furthermore, assuming charging and discharging every day, the life expectancy is 15-20 years (5000 cycles in total, 250 cycles per year - excluding winter) without a significant decrease in its capacity.