HE3DA Li-ion battery box 17 kWh 48 V for houses and small companies

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    These unique batteries will safely (they never burn) store electricity for the evening when you come home from work. The expected battery life with 20% capacity loss is approx. 15-20 years.
    Accessory: EV charger

     Baterie HE3DA je nehořlavá, neexplozívní a je schopná práce ve velkém teplotním rozsahu.

    A complete low-capacity storage system for domestic solar power plants with a panel capacity of up to 10 kWp. The operating voltage of the storage system for an inverter is 22-30 V. The battery storage system is suitable for low-voltage inverters, e.g., made by Victron

    Parameters of the assembly:

    • Maximum usable energy 17.6 kWh

    • Nominal capacity 270 Ah

    • Nominal voltage 59.2 V, max. charging voltage 63.2 VDC, max. discharging voltage 44.8 VDC

    • Continuous charging current 30 A, continuous discharging current 80 A, max. current 500 A for 50 s or 800 A for 5 s 

    • Recommended operating temperature of the cell +5°C to 30°C, max. operating temperature range 0°C to 40°C (charging) -10°C to 50°C (discharging)

    • Max. cycles if optimum operating conditions are met: 5,800

    • Can be folded up to max 16 x B-Box 16(17) kWh = 256 kWh

    • Weight 232 kg

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