1,792 MWh 40 ft containerised energy storage system

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    High-capacity energy storage systems are suitable for solar and wind farms, charging stations in city centres, regulator-stabilizer of enegetic networks, backup power supplies of manufacturers etc.

     Baterie HE3DA je nehořlavá, neexplozívní a je schopná práce ve velkém teplotním rozsahu.

    Backup power supply -- CONTAINER SYSTEM -- Parameters

    • 3 m (10 ft) to 12 m (40 ft) standard containers (672-2,688 kWh)

    • Adjustable voltage 110-900 V

    • Adjustable current characteristics of the storage system different HE3DA battery cell combinations

    • Low number of battery cells, simple battery management system and other external systems

    • Efficient, yet simple, fluid cooling system

    • Simple installation, option to install other required technology in the container, such as DC/DC EV charging.

    Table of high-capacity storage system configuration by capacity in kWh (bottom line) and output voltage (right column)

    Other possible changes:

    • Output characteristics of %DOD discharging or charging using a suitable cell composition

    • DC/AC, DC/DC output electronics, EV charger

    Table of high-capacity storage system parametres.

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