9.7.2021 we received the first ever HE3DA battery storage in the Czech Republic.

We purchased 15kWh of storage, serial number 1, for our 30kWp corporate solar power plant.

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of electricity storage for solar parks, energy, industry, car charging stations, and family homes.

The revolutionary Li-ion 3D batteries do not burn, are durable and 100% recyclable, and offer high performance.  
from 1 kWh to 100 MWh


High Energy 3D Acumulator - 
nová technologie baterií Li-ion

                                                      Comparison with current technology: 

                Existing Li-ion technology                                     New Li-ion HE3DA Technology                                      Possible use: More here:

Existing Li-ion cells

● advanced technology at the end of its        development
● many connections – higher error rate
● flammable and may explode
● very difficult to recycle,  max. 30%
● higher internal consumption due to more powerful cooling and bulkier control electronics
● max. 8,000 cycles – if given adequate servicing!
● made in Asia

Li-ion HE3DA batteries

● resist high shock current up to 1,500A/cell
● do not burn even in case of a short circuit, do not explode
● simpler monitoring electronics
● no cooling
● 100% recyclable
●  8,000 cycles
● made in Czech Republic (EU)

you can find more information on why to choose HE3DA  HERE:

   Suitable for:

  • solar and wind storage  

  • maximising energy sales revenue

  • network frequency control

  • date centres
    OFF grid mode

  • stabilisation of renewables

  • industrial backup power sources hospitals, etc.

  • EV chargers

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